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The Electric Picke presents: WAY HUGE ARTWALK AFTERPARTY w/ FOOTPRINTZ (Visionquest) & JOHN DALY (Feel Music)*Live

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August 11, 2012
The Electric Pickle
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2826 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL, United States, 33127


Sat. Aug. 11th
The Electric Picke presents:
FOOTPRINTZ (Visionquest/ Mtl)
JOHN DALY *Live (Feel Music/ Ireland)

Every week at The Pickle counts, but as you al by now know, we try to make our home turf of Wynwood’s post Artwalk an extra special night of fun. This time we double up on the talent (lucky you!) enlisting the musical stylings of the Visionquest label’s Footprintz & John Daly from Feel Music who will be performing live. What a treat!

FOOTPRINTZ (Visionquest/ Mtl)
Footprintz’s music speaks for itself: Their beatific “Utopia” EP on the much lauded Visionquest imprint was one of the best and most original releases in dance music in 2011. But Footprintz’s music also speaks to and speaks from the strange, old enigmatic city of Montreal, where Clarian North and Adam Hunter have been making music together since high school. Echoes of noirish Montreal icon Leonard Cohen can be heard in the duo’s lyricism, and something of the tenuous warmth of home amid the notorious Quebec winter night can be felt in the slow glow of songs like “Golden Dreams.”

If Montreal provides one coordinate in space for understanding the footsteps of Footprintz, then 80s bands like Tuxedo Moon and Simple Minds provide another coordinate in time. Their recently completed album due out in 2012 on Visionquest is in part a love letter to the strange worlds of occulted 80s synth-pop. That said the album is more than mere homage. The intricacy of the album’s editing and its experimentation with cutting loops and waves places Footprintz in a technologically contemporary soundscape in which songs seem at once familiar and strikingly new–a wash of early morning synths sounds, improbably lovely vocal harmonies, and forward-thinking, stylistic re-combinations of dance, indie, and folk moods.

Footprints, of course, are always plural, leaving tracks in multiple directions. And yet, footprintz are always singular, at the same time, one step always connected to the other. From the easy gait of their synth explorations to their midnight lyrical exchanges in bars and lakeside homes; the sound of Footprintz, too, is, of course, multiple, plural, heading in various directions but also always connected, one step to its other.



Hailing from Cork, Ireland, John Daly first surfaced in 2005 on histhen newly founded label, Feel Music. Since then he has recorded andremixed for numerous labels, including Plak Records, DrumpoetCommunity, IRR, Mule Musiq, and Francois K’s Wave Music, on which hereleased the acclaimed album Sea & Sky in 2009.

His music sits somewhere between house music, techno, disco and dub,electronic but still very organic, and extra deep. Starting outplaying in bands, he moved quickly on to his natural environment, the recording studio, and to working with machines, a love of which he retains to this day, still preferring to work with real instruments asopposed to virtual ones.

Recent years have seen the launch of a second imprint, One TrackRecords, focusing on more peak time sounds, and his debut as a successful live act, offering a glimpse into his past and future music, with much exclusive never to be released material thrown into the mix.

2012 will see the release of his new album “Sunburst” on Zurich’s Drumpoet Community, much of which has been carefully honed on the dancefloors of the world over the past year, along with a string of new EPs, and ongoing explorations of new sounds, tempos and styles.


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